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The UK Pun Championships

The UK Pun Championships, which takes place in a boxing ring at De Montfort Hall attracts hundreds of festival goers each year and celebrates the best of the British pun. Contestants pun against each other in rounds until the final two are left in the ring. The winner is determined by way of whoops and cheers from the audience. 


The winner of The UK Pun Championships 2024 is Kev Mud aka Pun in the Oven! 

Contestants on the night were:

Adam Dorr aka Adam ExitDorr

Bennet Kavanagh aka Pun Direction 

Daniel Edison (finalist) aka Laughter is the Best Edison 

Kat Dellar aka Crocodile Pundee

Mary Cross aka Mary Double Cross

Pauline Eyre aka Pun Kass

Rabiah Coon aka The Great Punder

Applications for the UK Pun Championships 2025 will open in the Autumn!
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