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Festival Awards 


The Black Horse; winners of Best Small Venue 2023.

Each year, we organise an Awards Ceremony, to celebrate the best shows, venues, promoters and many other brilliant people taking part in the Festival. ​

How does it work? 

An independent Award panel, including about 20 people from all over the UK, attend shows that signed up to be considered for an award. They regularly meet and discuss the shows they've seen, and after the Festival, they communicate their shortlists and finalists for each category to our team for the Awards Ceremony. 

What are the categories? 

In 2023 the categories were:

Best Show, Best New Show, Best Debut Show, Best Kids Show, Best Improv/Musical Show,  Best Promoter, Best Large Venue, Best Small Venue, Best New Venue, Liberty Award, Legend of Comedy, Contribution to Leicester Comedy Festival 2023, Lifetime Contribution Award, The Tracey Miller Community Award, Business Contribution and DMU Student of the Year.

The winners & nominees for the Leicester Comedy Festival and The UK Kids’ Comedy Festival awards 2023 were:

Best Show

  • Ali Woods: Work in Progress

  • Chloe Petts: Transcience

  • Kuan-Wen: Ilha Formosa (WIP)

  • Mad Ron: Crime School

  • Milo Edwards: Voicemail

  • Winner: Stuart Goldsmith: Spoilers (WIP)​

Best Debut Show

  • Alexandra Haddow: Not My Finest Hour (WIP)

  • Big Zeus Energy

  • Charlie George: Grace (WIP)

  • Winner: Fatiha El-Ghorri: Work in Progress

  • Louise Young: Far Out (WIP)

  • Stanley Brooks: I Can Make Me Rich

Best New Show

  • Adele Cliff Does Her Best and Tries New Things Out (WIP)

  • Winner: Bethany Black: Always Bet on Beth

  • Eric Rushton: Not That Deep

  • Stephen Bailey: Untitled and Unwritten (WIP)

  • Tadiwa Mahlunge: 25

  • Thanyia Moore: August (WIP)

Best Improv/Musical Show

  • Any Suggestions Doctor? The Improvised Doctor Who Parody

  • Winner: CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation

  • Conversation Garden: 10 Year Anniversary Show

  • Mitch Benn: It’s About Time

  • Paul Richards: My Functioning Band Hell

  • Russell Hicks: Next Level

Best Kids Show

  • Mr Sleepy Bum by Jody Kamali

  • Olaf Falafel’s Super Stupid Show

  • Winner: Shelf: The Kids’ Show

  • Tell Tale Twit…A Storytelling Show by Gav Cross

  • The Return of the Mighty Kids Beatbox Comedy Show

Contribution to Leicester Comedy Festival 2023

  • Rob Gee

  • Crosscut Media

  • Winner: Peril Design

  • Demon FM

  • Harborough District Council

  • DMU Archive Team

Best Promoter

  • Laughter Loft/The Black Horse

  • Winner: TripleCeePee

  • Jokes on Us

  • DoorStep Comedy

  • Monster Comedy

  • Furthest from the sea

Tracey Miller Community Award

  • Winner: Menphy’s

  • Focus

  • Proper Funny Comedy

  • Stand-up for Syria/Turkey Fundraiser

  • Mayflower Primary School

  • Leicester Libraries

Liberty Award

  • Winner: Firebug

  • PETER Pizzeria

  • Kate McCabe & Lucas Kirkby for Laugh Academy

  • Sam Grubb

  • Leicester Community Radio

  • The Black Horse, Aylestone

Business Contribution Award

  • The Belmont Hotel

  • Hotel Brooklyn

  • Gresham Aparthotel

  • Winner: Sturgess Motor Group

  • Howes Percival

  • Jerroms Miller Specialist Tax

Best Small Venue

  • Winner: The Black Horse

  • Firebug

  • Duffy’s Bar

  • Knight & Garter

  • Menphy’s Hub

Best Large Venue

  • Winner: The Y Theatre

  • De Montfort Hall

  • Curve Theatre

  • Sue Townsend Theatre

  • The Little Theatre

  • Just The Tonic at Hansom Hall


Best New Venue

  • 200 Degrees Coffee Shop

  • 45 West

  • Birch Tree

  • Winner: King Richard III pub

  • La Maison

  • Sommar Leicester

DMU Student of the Year

  • Chantelle Small

  • Charlotte Chapman

  • Hannah Fitzgerald

  • Winner: Cezara Buburuzanu

  • Larno Vasiliauskas

  • Leah John-Charles

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