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Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get; if you can't find the answer you require, get in touch. ​

Who do I contact to be part of Leicester Comedy Festival or the UK Kids Comedy Festival?

Whether you're an act, a venue or a promoter, you can email the Festival teams at We do advise to have a look through this website first, where you might find your answer.  Almost everything we have said on this site applies to both Leicester Comedy Festival & The UK Kids' Comedy Festival.​

When do I need to register my show?

You can now register your show for web only listings. 

What is the difference between a venue and a promoter? 

A venue is the space where your event takes place. Sometimes venues work with external promoters to book and run their programme, sometimes the promoter is the venue. As an act, when you get in touch with your venue, make sure you understand who's in charge of what, and who to contact if needed. As a venue/promoter, make sure the roles are clear and that everyone knows what's expected from them - it is always best to have this in writing. 

How do I find a venue and a promoter? 

You can find a list of venues and their promoter's contacts here. If you know a venue that is not listed on this page, they can be registered in the festival through Eventotron. Please read our registering your venue page if you want to know more about becoming a venue. 

I'm a venue, and I want to be part of the Festivals, how does that work? 

You need to register your venue to be part of the Festival. You can find information on what a venue needs to provide, and how to register here. 

How much does it cost to be part of the Festivals? 

There's a Festival participation fee that can vary depending on the capacity of the venue, and whether your event is live, digital or both. This needs to be paid when you finalise you're show submission on Eventotron.

How can I win an Award? 

When submitting your show on Eventotron, you can tick a box to be considered for an Award. Two tickets will be taken off sale automatically to make sure that two members of the Award Panel can attend. The panel select the nominees and winners after the Festival, and the Ceremony usually takes places 3 or 4 weeks after the Festival. More details here

When will I get my ticket money? 

The ticket settlements are sent in April after the Festivals. Make sure you submit the correct bank details on Eventotron when submitting your show to avoid any delay. If your promoter registers your show, then it is likely that they will get the ticket settlement from us, before redistributing to the acts. Each venue and promoter works differently, so make sure you understand who gets what income at the end of the Festival before registering your show.  

What does the Festival team provide to support my show? 

By paying your Festival participation fee, your show will appear on our website and the Festivals' brochure. In addition to that, we provide you the Festival and Box Office structure to sell tickets, a Marketing Guide, and a Welcome Pack. We also have a volunteer manager that can help you get some volunteers to support your event. The Festival Hub is open during the Festival as a point of information, and you can get in touch with the team with any question! 

Where can I stay in Leicester? 

We have some hotel partners that offer discounts to performers during the Festival.  You can find details of our hotel discounts here


Can I use a different Box Office than the Festival's? 

Each event that take part of the Festivals need to allocate a minimum 30% of tickets to be sold through our Box Office. You can use a different system, or several of them for the remaining 70%, or increase our allocation as you want. If one allocation is sold out before the other, they can be amended directly by contacting our Box Office by emailing  

Why do you ask for donations in addition to the Festival fee? 

Leicester Comedy Festival and The UK Kids' Comedy Festival are run by Big Difference Company, Registered Charity 1135167. All the ticket income goes back to the acts, and any surplus made from our shows is put back into the next Festival. We are mostly financed by Sponsors, business partners, festival fees, and donations. We don't want to increase the Festival fees, so that Leicester Comedy Festival remains accessible to as many performers that wish to take part, and we understand that it's sometimes difficult for the act to pay anything else, however, every additional donation is very much appreciated. 

What is Eventotron? 

Eventotron is the platform we use for the Show registration. We have created a show registration guide for people to use to help them register their show, and there is good range of videos on the Eventotron YouTube channel which will help you navigate the site. 

Where do I get my Festival wristband? 

Your Festival Wristband will be available to pick up at the Festival Hub during the Festival. You will need it to distribute flyers in Leicester, and to access some special events during the Festivals'. 

What do I do with my posters and flyers? 

Venues all across Leicester let promoters and acts put up posters and flyers for the Festival. Do not send them to the Festival office - they will be put in the recycling! You will need your Festival Wristbands to distribute flyers in Leicester, it's also your license! Make sure you discuss marketing plans with acts, venues and promoters, to make sure all bases are covered.

What about the Festival Hub? 

In 2024 the Festival Hub will be located in Jubilee Square and will be there throughout February. The opening hours will be: 

Monday - Saturday - 12 pm - 8 pm

Sunday - 12 pm - 4 pm

What happens if I need to cancel my show? 

We encourage acts, venues and promoters to avoid cancellation as much as possible. The brochures are published in October, and many people still refer to them in February, so it's best to commit to what was communicated in it. It is worth mentioning that most ticket sales increase in the few days up to the Festival, or on the door, so try not to cancel because the advance sales are not as good as you were expecting. Finally, if you really need to cancel the show, let the Festival Producer and Box Office know as soon as possible. Email 

Where can I get a list of media contacts to promote my show? 

We will send a Marketing Guide closer to the Festival, that includes a media contact list. If you don't receive it, please let us know. 

If you have any other questions, get in touch! We're here to help! 

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