Box Office & Ticketing

To take part in Leicester Comedy Festival, you need to allocate at least 30% of your tickets to be sold by our Box Office. Here is some key information to think about before registering your show on Eventotron: 

  • Since 2020, Leicester Comedy Festival's box office has mainly been an E-ticketing system. Customers can choose between an E-ticket or a physical ticket to receive by post. 

  • The 30% allocation is a minimum requirement to take part in the Festival; that means that your event will appear on the Festival's website where customers can buy tickets. You can choose to increase that allocation depending on your Box Office possibilities and preferences. The Festival does not keep any of your sales income. The ticket income will be transferred to you after the Festival (this can be the act, or the promoter, depending on the bank details provided on Eventotron when registering the event). 

  • Once you've registered a show on Eventotron, our Box Office team will get in touch to send your log-in details and information about how to get your sales reports. 

  • The ticket settlements usually take about 6-8 weeks after the Festival to reach your account: please bear in mind that there are more than 800 shows to settle. When planning your cash flow and budget, expect your ticket income to be settled by the end of April. 

At any point between your registration and the settlement, feel free to get in touch with us if there are any issues. Our Box Office team are very responsive, but you can also contact the Festival team with any questions.