Submitting your shows & participation fees

Once you have confirmed your show(s) you'll need to get them submitted via 'Eventotron'. It's at this point that you'll be required to pay the participation fees. For more information on fees see below.

~ Show submissions are now closed~

Show submission guide

Have a look at the Key Dates here

Each year we ask acts and promoters for feedback on how they found things and we try and respond to as much as possible.  After the 2019 festival we asked for feedback on the fee structure and so there have been some changes which we hope reflect what people have told us.  If you have any comments on the fees, do let us know so we can take these suggestions and comments into account for 2021 and beyond. 

Participation Fees 2020 (incl. VAT)


Under 80 capacity

One performance

£70 including VAT

​Two performances

£120 including VAT

​Three or more performances

£150 including VAT


80-199 capacity

One performance

£80 including VAT

​Two performances

£140 including VAT

​Three or more performances

£180 including VAT

200-399 capacity

Per performance

£140 including VAT

Over 400 capacity

Per performance

£200 including VAT




  • All shows must be submitted by the same user for discounts to apply. So if you are performing across different venues with different promoters you need to make sure one person (you or your promoter / agent) submits the shows.


  • You do not need to be performing the same show in the same venue to be eligible for discounted fees. You could, for example, perform a finished show and a work in progress at different venues, on different dates.


  • Mixed bills or double handers are eligible for discounts under conditions.


  • No refunds will be issued once shows are submitted, even if the show is cancelled.


  • We can issue you with a VAT receipt for your payments. You will need to let us know if you want this.


Why do we charge fees?

Submission fees are used to help sustain the festival and are an important source of income for Big Difference Company, the registered charity which produces the festival.  All acts who participate in the festival, and pay the fees, benefit from a range of different support and services from the festival office.  These include:


A brochure entry

Whether you’re selling out arena tours or this is your first festival gig, you will receive the same space in the official brochure as all the other comedians at the festival. A brochure entry tells audiences who you are, what you show is about, where & when they can see it and how much it will cost them. You write your own copy and submit it when you register your show(s) with the festival.

You also get an entry on the main festival website.  Again, everyone gets the same space and from this page audiences can link to buy tickets from the festival ticket office.


Brochure distribution

We print around 80,000 copies of our official brochure each year. we work with a dedicated distribution team to get these out across the city and county to bars, cafes, venues, hotels, restaurants, taxi ranks, hairdressers, libraries, dentists and anywhere else we can think of! You can also benefit from having some of your print distributed by our street teams; you need to do your “core” distribution yourself (speak to your promoter/venue as they should be able to help with this) but we can often help with distribution during the festival.


Marketing Guide

We publish a marketing guide each year that offers advice and guidance on making the most out of your show. It gives tips on how to promote your show locally, who to and when to start doing it. Once the submission deadline has passed we’ll share this with all of the comedians taking part.


Ticket office

It is a condition of being part of the festival that all acts submit a minimum of 30% of tickets to the festival ticket office.  Many acts choose to submit more.  There is no additional charge for this; you get access to details of your own sales and we send you the settlement after the festival once we’ve done all the reconciliation.


Festival logo

The festival logo can be a really useful way to show you are part of “one of the top 5 comedy festivals in the world” (the guardian), and we ask all acts/promoters to use the logo on all their promotional material. We’ll let you know where you can download the logo from soon.


Awards ceremony

Each year we organise an awards ceremony where we announce the winners in categories such as “best show”, “best new show” and many more.  Details about this will be available soon but we hope the awards are a useful way to help recognise new and emerging acts and promoters/venues

General advice

We are here to support you!  There are never any guarantees that acts will sell out their shows at Leicester Comedy Festival, nor guarantees that you will make money by taking part in the festival.  However, the team are here to support all our acts and promoters so please talk to us.  We can help with accommodation requirements and sometimes travel to leicester.  It’s especially important that we have up to date contact details so we can pass this on to our PR team who work with local and national media

Social media

We have a growing number of social media platforms and try and keep up to date with new platforms as they emerge.  Our social media team manages all this and you should certainly ensure you take part on key platforms such as twitter and facebook.  More details will be in the marketing guide but join in online to make the most of your festival experience.  (We know that some acts increase their twitter followers by a considerable % when they take part in the festival so join in and use #votecomedy).

A festival donation

  Iyou are able to make an additional donation to the charity that produces the festival we’d really appreciate it!  We know many acts want to support the festivals long term future, however, we also know that some acts aren’t able to do this so we’ve decided not to increase the basic fees and to update the structure to be as fair as we can for acts. 


Like most festivals we are having to explore new ways to generating income.  If every act donated £5, we would immediately raise £5,000.  The best bit about doing this is that we can also claim gift aid on these donations so the government would pay us 25% on all donations which would increase this amount to £6,250


As a charity we are non-profit making and want to work with you to ensure we can continue to deliver the festival, support new/emerging acts and celebrate British comedy.  Thank you for supporting what we do.


You’ll be able to donate when you submit your show(s).


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