Leicester Comedy Festival Awards

Each year, we organise an Awards Ceremony, to celebrate the best shows, venues, promoters and many other brilliant people taking part in the Festival. 

  • How does it work? 

An independent Award panel, including about 20 people from all over the UK, attend all the shows signed up for an award. They regularly meet and discuss, and after the Festival, they communicate their shortlists and finalists for each category to our team for the Awards Ceremony. We do not have any involvement in the selection of the nominees and winners. 

  • What are the categories? 

The list is this but may slightly vary each year:

Best Show, Best New Show, Best Debut Show, Best Improv Show, Best Musical Show, Best Promoter, Best Venue, Liberty Award, Legend of Comedy etc. 

  • How can I get my show in? 

When registering your show on Eventotron, you'll need to tick a box to be considered for the Awards. This means that 2 tickets will be taken off sale for the Award Panel members. ​We will then make every effort to schedule a member of the panel, or a scout, to attend your show.  You might want to bear in mind doing more than one performance of your show in the festival to make it easier for panel members to come and see you.  There are generally less shows earlier in the week (Sunday - Wednesday nights) so you may want to consider this rather than going up against more shows at the weekends.  This is just a practical consideration given the schedules for our panel members.

  • What about the Ceremony?

The Awards Ceremony usually takes place in a venue in Leicester city centre, on a Monday night 3 or 4 weeks after the end of the Festival. All nominees are invited. ​