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Promoting your shows

Great, you’ve sorted the programme and submitted the shows – but the fun doesn’t stop there! Now you’ll need to think about how best to promote your shows and make sure that each and every one of them has a buzzing audience. If you have a promoter for your venue this is a key part of their job and you should make sure they have all the information they need to sell your venue. Think about: what makes you special, can people buy food before the show, are you known for your local ales or classy cocktails?

We produce a Marketing guide that will be available to download on Eventotron around the time that you register your show, but it's good to think in advance about the following:


  • Have you downloaded the logo and passed it on to acts and/or promoters?​ You should include this on all of your promotional material to show that you are part of the festival. 

  • Have you asked the acts to send you posters for their shows? Posters are still a good way to promote shows. The Festivals team do not have the capacity to distribute your posters for you, so make sure you have someone to do that for you.

  • If you’re creating posters yourself, have you got up-to-date images of the acts? Have you worked out where you’ll put them (not just in your venue!) and who will distribute them?

  • Is it worth creating posters or small guides with all of your shows on? Is there a couple of venues nearby who might want to work with you to produce these and include their shows too?

  • What available outdoor space do you have to maximise visibility of your shows? Is there a railing you can get a banner produced for? Could you use an A-board to let passers-by know you’re involved in the festival?

  • Have you spoken to the festival office about what branding is available? We have a number of roller banners that we can share with venues to have on stage and also provide window vinyl stickers.

  • What social media can you utilise to reach your audiences? If you make a Facebook page, who will keep it up-to-date and ensure it’s working effectively? If you're making Facebook events don't forget to add the acts as co-hosts to increase your reach. 

  • Will the acts make a little video that you can put on social media to promote the show?

This is not an exhaustive list and we encourage you to read the full marketing guide for more ideas. 


Please get in touch if you want any help promoting your show(s)! 

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