Finding a Venue

To perform at Leicester Comedy Festival the first thing you need to do is find yourself a 'spot' in a venue. Most venues are booked by comedy promoters who come to the city for the festival. Below is a list of core venues and promoters that run shows in Leicester Comedy Festival and their booking details.  There may well be other venues which are not listed but can host Festival events; if you need more information do get in touch.

Make sure you research the venues you're interested in - check the location, the size, how they promote their events, do they run regular comedy nights, check Facebook, check Twitter and ask other comics about their experiences.

When you get in contact make sure you discuss:

  • Dates & times

  • Set length

  • Any technical requirements for your show

  • What promotion they’ll help with, what promotion you’ll provide

  • The ‘deal’ – who is getting the ticket income, who is paying the Festival Fees


We’ll update this list as more venues register. If you are, or are working with, a new venue – make sure the venue is registered before the deadline!

If you know that any of the details here are incorrect please get in touch.

*Click on the images to visit the venue's website*

Attenborough Arts Centre

Daniel Nicholas -

The main hall can be seated for a capacity of 90, 60 or 50.

Beer Pharmacie

Adam O'Reardon -

Capacity is 90

Birstall Co-Op Sports and Social Club

Adam O'Reardon -

Just the Tonic @ Brew Dog

Darrell Martin -

The performance space upstairs has a capacity of 100.

Curve theatre

The theatre has a capacity of 902. The studio has a capacity of 282.

De Montfort Hall

Pete Mitchell -

The theatre has a capacity of 1500.


Colin Bowles -

The room upstairs has a capacity of 80.

Future Cycles

Haymarket Theatre

Callie Barter -

There are two performance spaces with a capacity of 901 in the main auditorium and 120 in the Studio

Just the Tonic @ Hansom Hall

Darrell Martin -

The venue has two performance areas, The Wee One has a capacity of 100 and The Big Room has a capacity of 250.

Kayal (NCF Comedy)

Helen Stead -

The venue has a room upstairs with a capacity of 75.

King Richard III Visitor Centre

Ben Ennis -

Knight and Garter

Dan Webber -

Downstairs room capacity - 50

Loughborough Town Hall

Simon Gibson -

The venue has two performance spaces.  The first is the main auditorium which has a capacity of 464, the second is the Victoria room with a capacity of 180.

Grays @LCB Depot

Alex Hylton -

The venue has three performance spaces.  The cafe has a capacity of 60, the gallery has a capacity of 50 and the lightbox has a capacity of 75.

Manhattan34 (Jokes on Us)

Alex Hylton -

The performance space has a capacity of 70.

Melton Theatre

Andrew Edwards -

The main theatre has a capacity of 340.

Nineteen Twelve

Adam O'Reardon -

Capacity is 150


Rik Carranza -

The venue has a capacity of 80

02 Academy (University of Leicester)

The venue comprises of two rooms, the Academy 2 room has a capacity of 350, while the Scholar room has a sitting capacity of 100 and standing capacity of 250.

PETER Pizzeria

Charlotte Laidet:

The performance space is the Violin room upstairs and has a capacity of 90.

Phoenix Cinema

Jake Harvey -

The venue has capacity of 100.

Pied Bull

Adam O'Reardon -

Capacity is 90 

Queen of Bradgate

The Cinema Room (100) and the Ping Pong Room (100) are both upstairs at Queen of Bradgate. 

Soft Touch Arts

Christina Wigmore -

The main hall has a capacity of 80, or 60 if using cabaret style tables.

Sue Townsend Theatre

Colin Bowles -

Available for hire on weekends and evenings. The theatre has a capacity of 250

Syston Brookside Club

Adam O'Reardon -

The Cosy Club

Charlotte Laidet:

The venue is The Loom Room, 50 seats, downstairs the main restaurant area. 

The Midland Railway

Adam O'Reardon -

The Cookie

Charlotte Laidet -

The performance space has a capacity 100.

The Cookie Comedy Club @ The Globe

Nik Sharpe -

The venue has a capacity of 50.

The Exchange Bar (Jokes on Us)

Alex Hylton -

The venue has a room situated downstairs and can hold a capacity of 70.

The Guildhall

Ben Ennis -

The venue has three rooms.  The Great Hall can hold a capacity of 100, the Mayor Parlour can hold 50 and the Library has a capacity of 30.

The Little Theatre

Colin Bowles -

The theatre can hold a capacity of 340, and the studio can hold a capacity of 45

The Noels Arms

Jon Pearson -

A 40 - 70 capacity venue situated in Melton Mowbray

Just the Tonic @ The Shed

Darrell Martin -

There are two performance spaces. The main stage has a capacity of 60 and a there is a capacity of 35 in the Vault

The Y Theatre

The theatre can provide row seating with a capacity of 300, or cabaret seating with a capacity of 200.

Upstairs at The Western

The venue is situated above The Western pub and has a capacity of 49.

Wygston's House

Ben Ennis -

The upstairs room has a capacity of 80

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